We are excited to share one of the new WISA developments with you. We are building a database of WISA Volunteers, who we hope will become the lifeblood of the Institute. As I’m sure you agree, there is a lot of “work” in the water sector, and too few “workers”.

The registration form below gives you the opportunity to select the type of tasks and projects you would like to get involved and assist with. A few examples include assisting Branches and Divisions with logistics of events, writing articles for WISA publications, mentoring or advising municipalities, or being an “Institutional Champion” for WISA at your organization, or in your community.

You may also select which Technical Division/s you would like to serve.

We trust that you will see this as an opportunity to make a difference in WISA, and in the water sector as a whole.

Please click on this link to register as a WISA Volunteer: www.surveymonkey.com/s/WISAvolunteers

Please contact us on operations@wisa.org.za if you would like to give feedback on WISA’s service or products. We are committed to constantly improve our products and service delivery.