Water Institute launches platform for Day Zero volunteers

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Uncategorized

Volunteers that can donate time or goods to assist officials tasked with managing the Cape water crisis can pledge their support at http://bit.ly/watervolunteer

The initiative is hosted by the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA), a registered non-profit organisation established in 1987.

Lester Goldman, CEO of WISA, said that “accusations of various parties playing a game with water for their own reward have been rife, and various myths and half-truths are adopted as the fear of running out of water rise.”

This rising fear is driven by the human survival instinct that leads us to ignore Ubuntu in favour of shortsighted self-preservation.

“South Africans are known as uniquely resilient, and for coming together to assist one another in times of need,” says Goldman. “We’ve created this volunteer platform to help streamline the strength in numbers, and connect those that can help with those that need help.”

“The time has come to shift the focus away from assigning blame. Our focus should now be on how we can all help.”

The platform is a simple tool that allows volunteers to submit their contact and donation details. WISA will collate the information and use its existing communication channels within the water sector to share relevant details with official task teams deployed by national and local government.

WISA aims to support water sector professionals; the scientists, engineers, managers, and operators that are trained to design, operate, and maintain a very complex system that needs to collect, treat, and distribute water to sustain life and business for South African citizens.

Pledge your support here!