Update on WISA response to water crisis

Since its launch on 24 January, our Water Crisis Volunteer platform at http://bit.ly/watervolunteer has received 1,144 clicks and 153 pledges. We are in contact with Water Shortage South Africa and Gift of the Givers in order to connect the pledges with needs identified.

WISA has also – together with the Consulting Engineers South Africa – met with the Western Cape Premier to discuss how to work together on medium and short term plans. While no resolutions have been made, we have pledged our support and assistance to the Western Cape government in dealing with the water crisis. We also assured the Premier and attending DWS representative that South Africa has all the required expertise and willing professionals right here in South Africa.

We understand the frustration our members are feeling; as professionals you have provided all the necessary advice and guidance. You have done what you can where you are to avoid any form of water crisis, but have not been publicly recognised for it.

We commend you for your passion, and for maintaining a standard of professionalism that is marked by your willingness to apply your knowledge and skills in the best interest of others.

Irrespective of your personal views on the water crisis, we ask that you – as WISA member – conduct your professional activities with a commitment to competence, integrity, morality, and the promotion of the public good.


With continued dedication,

Dr Lester Goldman