WISA 2018 Awards for best water and wastewater treatment works

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Closing date: 18th May 2018

The WISA Wilson Award was initiated in 1976 to commemorate the late Dr. Wilson’s dedicated approach to his work and his efforts in developing the Southern African Branch of the Institute of Sewage Purification that in 1967 changed its name to the Institute of Water Pollution Control. When the latter organisation was disbanded in 1987 and the Water Institute of Southern Africa formed, it was decided to carry on with this tradition. This award acknowledges the combined competence and initiative of the owner and works manager of a wastewater treatment works, having a total design capacity of up to 25 Ml/day average dry weather flow.

In line with the Wilson award, WISA has extended the awards to acknowledge and honour the competence, dedication and initiative of plant personnel at larger wastewater treatment plants and potable water treatment plant to continuously provide good quality water and compliant effluent.

Invitation to participate

The Water Science Division of WISA hereby invites all process controllers, supervisors, and water service authorities to participate in this initiative and submit applications for the following awards:

  • Wilson award for wastewater treatment plant with design capacity < 25Ml/day
  • Isigidi Award for wastewater treatment plant with design capacity > 25Ml/day
  • Amanzi Award for water treatment plant located in a Metropolitan area or City
  • Metsi Award for water treatment plant located in a Rural area.

Evaluation criteria

As the focus of the awards is on acknowledgment of competence and initiative of plant personnel to constantly improve operations, the following parameters will be evaluated:

  • Efforts by owner and works manager
  • Operating efficiency
  • Plant maintenance and servicing
  • Laboratory control, not necessarily in-house
  • Development and improvement
  • General administration
  • House keeping
  • Safety
  • Professionalism and public relations
  • Knowledge, initiative and enthusiasm of process controller in charge
  • General appearance and impressions


Kindly complete nomination forms (attached below) and submit to WISA before the 18th May 2018.

Wilson and Isigidi Award Nomination form 2018

Amazi and Metsi Awards Nomination form 2018

Please provide supporting information for compliance results – 12 months of data up to end of April 2018 and any additional information which may support your nomination.

Nomination forms to be emailed to admin@wisa.org.za with the name of the award in the subject line.


Kindly contact the following members of the Water Science Division for any further questions:

ayesha@ahlwater.co.za, Leanne@csvwater.co.za, rethab@mogalecity.gov.za, samista.jugwanth@aecom.com