Recognising the need for a wider and balanced stakeholder participation, the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) water committee has embarked on a drive to increase engagement platforms, through partnerships with a number of organisations that own public engagement platforms. South African National Standard (SANS) in the water sector are developed, maintained and published by the SABS/TC 147 Water committee. The work of the committee is structured in a way that there are subcommittees under the main water committee; namely, SABS/TC 0147/SC 04 “Microbiological and biological treatment and assessment of water” and SABS/TC 0147/SC 06 “Water sampling and analysis”

Review of published standards in the water sector provides valuable information on the global relevance of the standards and ensures that they are up-to-date. By default the review period of SANS is every five (5) years. It is crucial for South African stakeholders in the water sector to participate equally in the review of national standards, in order to develop relevant standards based on balanced needs and input of all stakeholders.

Published SANS are home-grown and/or adoptions from ISO, EN and other standards bodies. The outcome of the review of published SANS can be one of the following;

  • A reaffirmation of an existing standard/document for the next five years as it is.
  • An amendment of an existing standard through modification, addition or deletion of particular parts of the standard.
  • A revision of the standard with technical changes to the substance and presentation.
  • Withdrawal of the standard/document that no longer serves any purpose.

Adopted standards can be reviewed through reaffirmation, amendment (Only applies to ISO standards), revision by adopting latest version of international standards and/or withdrawal.

The SABS/TC 147 Water committee, therefore appeals stakeholders in the water sector to comment with necessary action of review outcome on the attached documents based on the expertise they have. Stakeholders who need more information on reviewing standards or have proposals for amendments and revisions can contact the SABS/TC 147 Chairperson Mrs Leanne Cotzee at or the SABS through Ms Ntombi Shezi at Stakeholders who have an interest in joining any of the SABS water committees can also contact the above.

To view the list of documents under review please click on the links below:

SABS TC 147 ”Water committee” list of standards

SABS TC 147 SC 04 ”Microbiological and biological treatment and assessment of water list of standards”

SABS TC 147 SC 06 ”Water sampling and analysis” list of standards