Hundreds of people have died and thousands have been displaced after Cyclone Idai hit the coast of Mozambique and moved inland also affecting Zimbabwe almost two weeks ago. South Africa along with other neighbouring countries have sent aid to assist with relief efforts. The most basic essentials such as fresh-clean water, food, matches, candles and clothing are still a major need and people have been encouraged to donate whatever they can to help survivors.

You may be wondering how you can help? Here’s how:

Penny Appeal SA
Donate through Penny Appeal SA from as little as R150 by completing this form:

  • Provision of food items
  • Blankets and shelter
  • Medical supplies
  • Items for babies (nappies etc).
  • Hygiene items for adults

Department of International Relations and Co-operation (Dirco)
How to donate: Those who wish to send assistance through Dirco can contact

United Nations

  • Food
  • Medical supplies
  • Shelter

How to donate: Send whatever you can by completing this form:

World Food Program USA
They will use the donation to get food to the survivors of the cyclone
How to donate: Visit

Save the Children
How to donate: Send whatever you can by completing this form:

“CARE has already sent 13 trucks to the cyclone-affected area, carrying 500 tents, 200 roles of plastic sheeting and rope for temporary shelter, 2800 family kits and over 2000 hygiene and family packages containing items such as soap, buckets, mosquito nets, blankets, tarpaulins, and water canisters to reduce risk of disease.”
How to donate: Visit