Introduction to WISA

Our Vision

WISA: inspiring passion for water

Our Mission

WISA aims to inspire every person in Southern Africa to have a passion for water so that we can ensure that water is available for future generations.

Our Values


We are transparent, committed and fair. We accept accountability


We strive for excellence and professionalism. We are respectful of one another.


We are inclusive of all people. We facilitate connectivity.


We are honest and reliable


We do things differently


We do things differently

Our Strategic Goals

  • Ensure that all Members experience WISA’s innovative and demand driven value proposition
  • Grow WISA’s strategic partnership with the sector
  • Grow WISA membership, regionally and nationally
  • Improve financial sustainability
  • Embed corporate governance
  • Active role in the discourse of water in public domain

Governing Documents

WISA is governed by its Memorandum of Incorporation and the Rules of the Company. Members are governed by the Members Code of Conduct. Copies of these documents can be downloaded below.