To promote the knowledge and practice of water and wastewater treatment. To encourage and advise on the training and education of persons engaged in the watercare industry. To endeavour to give to the personnel of the watercare industry such standing as will ensure their recognition by statutory authorities and generally to act as a body representative of the personnel in connection with any matter affecting, or of interest to, that body. To promote a high standard of operation amongst those engaged in watercare and to improve the standards and methods of education of watercare personnel. To promote social and technical communication amongst members of the Division.

To discuss the following in the water field: Chemical and bacteriological analysis and methods. Standards for effluents. Operation. Legislation and law enforcements. Industrial effluents and standards. Training of water scientists. Contracts. Laboratory apparatus. The role of the water scientists in the designs of water care works. To organise meetings and symposia. To submit papers to WISA for publication or conferences. To recommend to WISA Council any matter relating to water scientists. To publish a newsletter. To encourage the field of water scientists.

Act as a communication channel between public authorities, plant personnel, industry, consultants and research organisations. Document, collect, discuss and disseminate information on all aspects of sewage treatment and nutrient removal for sewage. Initiate open meetings, demonstrations, plant visits, workshops and training sessions in the sewage treatment field. Identity research needs.

All aspects of nutrient removal from waste waters will be covered, encompassing research, design and operation of all biological and chemical nutrient removal processes, plant and equipment. It is aimed to accommodate all disciplines active in this field.

Contact: Melissa Wheal
Phone: 086 111 9472
Email: admin@wisa.org.za