WISA subscribes to a multi-disciplinary approach for its sector. Members are from various backgrounds and disciplines. The various categories of membership cater for the needs of all professionals involved in the water sector. The Institute offers both individual and non-individual membership.

Individual membership categories:

  • Professional Process Controllers (Professional Designation)
  • Members (including Fellows and Senior Fellows)
  • Affiliates
  • Associate Members
  • Academic Members
  • Student Members

Non-individual membership categories:

  • Patron members
  • Company members
  • Educational Institutions
  • Municipality Members
  • Professional Members Associations

Membership Value Proposition

Professional Recognition
WISA has an assessment process that applicants must pass before they are granted membership. This means that, once you have demonstrated that you have the requisite experience, qualifications and skills, you may join the institution and add the appropriate letters to your CV and business card. Membership shows that you have reached a certain level of expertise in your profession, and adds to your credibility.  It also shows that you are serious about your career and professional development. In addition, certain members also carry the professional designation Pr.PC.Water, which is a designation recognised by SAQA, and carries sector credibility and benefits.

Information and Advice
WISA has a website and CRM system offering members password protected access to industry news, surveys, reports, updates, career information, jobs, and details of events. It also offers a comprehensive on-line research facility of past WISA conferences, with downloadable documents and publications, and a facility for answering questions you may have.

Networking Opportunities
WISA Branches, Divisions and Empowerment platforms have regional networking and professional development events that you can attend, which can be useful for making new contacts and learning more about what’s happening in the sector. National expos and conferences also offer excellent networking and research opportunities. If you wish to raise your profile you can volunteer to join committees and help organise events.

Industry News
WISA’s bi-monthly magazine-Water and Sanitation Africa-is delivered to members, and WISA also has arrangements with other sector magazines, for delivery to members. As well as industry news and articles, the magazines also provide informal CPD offerings. In addition WISA keeps its members up to date through its fortnightly newsletter which highlights upcoming events, water sector news and fun activities for scholars interested in water.

Career Development
Continuous professional development (CPD) is essential if you want to forge a successful second career as a professional.  WISA professional development offers career development programmes, training courses and assessments. Normal WISA membership also allows the opportunity to upgrade your membership to Fellow or Senior Fellow level, via further assessment, which gives added professional credibility.

The Cost
WISA charges for assessment and accreditation, and an annual membership subscription fee. However you may be able to claim professional membership costs against tax in certain circumstances, and the cost of membership is highly reduced or eliminated by discounts offered to members throughout the year.
It is free to be a member if you are a full time student.

Sector Entry Point
As an affiliate member or student member, WISA offers you the opportunity to get started in the sector – we link to with like-minded people, provide rebates, map a career path to professionalization, and become your “water family”.

WISA Members Code of Conduct and Member’s Disciplinary Policy

WISA would like to inform its members of the new Code of Conduct and Member’s Disciplinary Policy that has been approved. These policies will be implemented with immediate effect, and all members of WISA are to adhere to these policies. The purpose of the WISA Code of Conduct is to raise and maintain the level of professionalism and the quality of service rendered to the public in order to enhance the credibility of professional and non-professional members alike.

The WISA Code of Conduct and the Members Disciplinary Policy can be accessed on the links provided, please familiarise yourself with these documents.

If you have not updated your personal details on the member portal, please follow this link in order to do so.

Should you have any queries regarding these two documents or to obtain your login details for the member portal please contact our Operations Manager, Adrie Krugel, on

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