Some might say that at S.A.M.E. Water we are a bit obsessed about wastewater treatment in South Africa. They are probably right. But for us, wastewater treatment is not simply our business, it is everybody’s business.

  • As a country which has scarce fresh water resources, every South African should be concerned with harnessing and protecting this scarce commodity.
  • At municipal level, government is responsible for effective water resource planning, infrastructure development and effective service delivery.
  • At an industrial level, business ought to be proactive in mitigating its impact on the environment, particularly with respect to wastewater management and pollution.
  • At a residential level, every citizen should use our scarce water resource wisely and responsibly.

Why? Water security has a direct impact on the socio-economic landscape of South Africa, and a subsequent impact on the quality of life experienced in communities, from urban to peri-urban and rural areas.

This is why, at S.A.M.E. Water, our business is focused on harnessing the collective skills, expertise and experience of our team to create water and wastewater management systems and services that lend themselves towards sustainable communities.

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