Wilo is a premium supplier in the field of building services, water management and industry. This leading position drives us to maintain our superiority. For our customers, we make complex technologies user-friendly, simple to operate, energy-efficient and powerful. The main focus of our activities is therefore on the people. We offer them outstanding products, system solutions and services. In this spirit, our brand promise “Pioneering for You” stands for maximum quality of life.


Building Services
In order to maximise the efficiency of buildings, it is becoming increasingly important to use innovative and energy- saving systems incorporating components that are optimally matched to one another. This applies to detached and semi-detached houses, public buildings, industrial buildings, office buildings, hospitals and hotels: Wilo offers energy-efficient solutions for heating technology, air-conditioning, water supply and wastewater disposal.


Water Management
All life is completely dependent on water – however, this valuable element is becoming increasingly scarce. The ability to ensure the purification and supply of water is rapidly developing into a global challenge. Wilo offers professional solutions designed to meet the complex requirements involved in the production of potable water, water purification, water pumping, water treatment and wastewater disposal. Wilo water management pumps and systems set benchmarks in the areas of technical performance, efficiency and sustainability.


Wilo manufactures pumps that guarantee the highest level of reliability, flexibility and efficiency. Our strengths lie in particular in applications for peripheral equipment for industrial processes. Our acknowledged expertise is the result of a sophisticated product portfolio, solutions that are precisely tailored to customer needs, pooled knowledge and an effective quality management system.


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