Thank you Mandla for being a Water Sector Hero!

Intro: Mandla Baloi is a young professional chemical engineer that currently holds the position of superintendent at two key waste water treatment plants in the Overstrand. He likes to lead by example and this is evident in the performance of his teams. Mandla has an affinity for detail and is always aware of all operational and maintenance aspects. He recently overseen the recommissioning of a clarifier on the Hermanus waste water plant amid lockdown also showing his dedication to add value even during lockdown conditions.

Mandla shares with us what his essential work in lockdown includes:

I am superintendent in waste water treatment works. I am on duty on normal working hours and on standby during this lockdown. I ensure that employees are all in good health and have surplus of detergents, sanitisers, masks and cloves. I maintain the continuous operation of the plant within a dynamic team of quality, procurement, safety, security, maintenance and human resource. I ensure that the teams are motivated to perform duties such as admin, compliance, optimisation and sludge management during this epidemic.  I don’t limit my daily duties to management level but also assist in general duties for the better off the plant and employee.  – Mandla Baloi

– Submission by Ruth Weideman