Water: Life’s most precious and scarce resource

by | Oct 1, 2021 | General

COVID-19 has heightened awareness of the vital role of water and sanitation in dealing with various complex societal challenges including pandemics. Access to clean water and proper sanitation is vital during the current pandemic. Lack of clean water for drinking and proper hygienic practices have become a major concern for our society. Among the many consequences of the ongoing pandemic is its dramatic impact on the education sector. The current evolving global pandemic will undeniably have an impact on how we educate and train our water professionals with possible future implications. Water professionals are facing increasing pressure from society to demonstrate clear and tangible results as we continue to face new and more difficult water and sanitation related challenges. Clearly, we need newer, more powerful approaches to water and sanitation – business as usual is not a viable option.

IIE qualifications offered at IIE MSA are designed to meet the challenges of such contemporary water and sanitation related issues. The IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Water Management and IIE Master of Philosophy in Integrated Water Management are targeted at professionals and graduates who wish to strengthen and deepen their interdisciplinary skills and knowledge in water management. These programmes enable students to appreciate an interdisciplinary approach, which is relatively new and unique, to managing water resources and sanitation services. Programme participants are nurtured to become effective water leaders equipped to understand complex societal challenges and to develop practical solutions for water and sanitation problems. A unique feature of the programmes is a special focus on knowledge integration and application through the use of problem-based learning activities. The programmes integrate knowledge and skills from a range of disciplines to focus on the resolution of complex and contemporary water and sanitation related problems.

Our teaching and learning endeavours are supported by quality international water research and industry engagement. We foster excellence in water research and undertake industry engagement activities to strengthen high-impact research ventures. Our aim is to develop the capacity of water professionals and highly sought IIE graduates that appreciate the importance of pursuing effective and responsive water management directed at securing water resources and delivering appropriate water services. The IIE water programmes are targeted at professionals who are already working in lower to middle-level management positions as well as motivated graduates who want to begin careers that involve exercising both technical and managerial responsibilities in the water sector.

Bimo Nkhata (Ph.D.)
Head: IIE Water Research Centre
Programme Manager: Water
School of Engineering, ICT, Science and Health


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