Call for proposals for the appointment of a Media and Promotion Consultant

by | Feb 12, 2024 | General

The WISA 2024 Organising Committee seeks the services of a professional Media Consultant for the WISA 2024 Biennial Conference & Exhibition to be held at the Durban International Conference Centre, KZN, from 27 – 29 May 2024.



Successful SP will be required to sign a formal WISA Service Level Agreement (SLA), based on the service area, or combination of service areas, awarded to them. As part of the SLA Payment terms WISA will pay a maximum of 50% of the agreed fees prior to the event in agreed instalments based on the event’s ringfenced income, and the remainder of fees post event.


The service provider should demonstrate their ability through providing the following:

  • Ability: Demonstrate their ability to provide the required services as detailed in the brief outlined below.
  • Financial Viability: Demonstrate their financial credibility and provide a Tax Clearance Certificate and a letter of Financial Good Standing from their Bank.
  • B-BBEE: Demonstrate their BEE status by inclusion of a current, valid BEE certificate.
  • Proven Track Record: Demonstrate their experience providing information on projects/campaigns they have managed. Please also indicate if you have arranged any conferences for WISA before.
  • References: Submit at least three referees who will be contacted by representatives of the OC. Details required are name, contact information, project/campaign with which they were/are associated, and position in relation to the organising of that event. Additional letters of reference may also be attached.
  • Staffing: Give an overview of their infrastructure including staffing, experience and accreditation.
  • Fees and Cost Structure: Service providers are required to clearly set down fees to be charged for services and provide sufficient detail as to allow the distinction between:
  • Commission and percentage-based fees (Sponsorships, advertisers etc.)
  • Fixed price fees
  • Hourly rates
  • Secondary income fees declaration (e.g. fees generated from references to specific participating hotels and places of accommodation, side events and post tour events, and suppliers).



Below is a breakdown of media and promotion requirements for the WISA 2024 Biennial Conference and Exhibition.


Pre-conference build-up

Create an awareness of the conference to boost delegate participation, encourage sponsorship and position the conference within the industry both locally and internationally:

  • Compile a comprehensive media and promotion plan and timeline to include compiling and distributing at least 5 press releases to industry media during the lead up to the conference.
  • Copywriting of newsletter content to be distributed to potential delegates (as per the detailed timeline). WISA will set up the mailer once the content is approved and distribute the mailer to potential delegates.
  • Compile a comprehensive social media strategy and the compiling of content for posts during the lead-up to the conference (including recommending the platforms where our energies should be focussed) – see detailed brief below.

WISA will do the actual posting across their existing social media platforms.

  • Do research on both local and international scientific journals, national trade, water and news media, invite them as a courtesy to the event and manage RSVP’s.
  • Draft press releases of key areas of interest during the lead up to the conference and distribute these to both local and international journals / media for pre- conference editorial coverage. This will be done in conjunction with the Organising Committee / Technical (Programme) Committee.
  • Manage a blog on the conference website –


Social media:

  • Drafting of a social media strategy to get the word out. Work with the marketing committee to design an effective strategy for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms you may recommend and to implement it.
  • Ensure that social media exposure promised to sponsors is actioned.
  • Submit the content of the posts to WISA to post on their existing social media platforms.
  • Include quotes from the Organising Committee members, WISA or speakers in posts.
  • Ensure the social media posts are displayed on the conference website.
  • To target the right audience and use the right platforms. You are to work with WISA to craft relevant messaging for each of our target audiences, and maintain and manage our social media presence wherever that audience may be, whatever time zone they are in.


  1. Media Releases, Newsletters and Newsflashes
  • Design and write newsletters and news flashes which would be sent to potential delegates as well as those who have registered;
  • Writing of frequent media releases with 3 monthly media releases scheduled for the last three months leading up to the conference (one media release per month). WISA and the Marketing Committee will approve the content prior to distribution.
  • Set up no less than 4 Radio interviews with the Organising Committee spokesperson in the last month leading up to and during the conference, as well as scheduled TV interviews with the Organising Committee spokesperson.
  • Negotiation of media partnerships offering complimentary advertising / editorial or highly discounted advertising / editorial exposure prior to the conference in exchange for agreed ROI offered by the conference.
  • Suggest other media avenues we can explore, including possible barter arrangements for advertising.


  1. Media coverage onsite at the conference
  • Ensure media presence at / coverage of the conference on site (events and key presentations to be agreed with the Organising Committee)
  • Run a press conference at the conference – including management of RSVPs, briefing of the Organising Committee spokesperson, compiling of press kits, compiling of list of questions.
  • Arranging of press interviews on site – including interviews with speakers, key stakeholders and the Organising Committee representative. All to be approved by the Organising Committee.
  • Manage the registration of the media representatives at the conference in conjunction with Scatterlings.
  • Create and manage on site social media interaction, including selfie stations, delegates posting on Instagram / Twitter, and any other ideas that you may have with regards to social media interaction.
  • Create short video clips of various exhibitors (inviting people to visit their stand / explaining what is happening on their stand) / programme highlights to be posted on Instagram, You Tube and Facebook each day, including the conference branding. Request that the exhibiting companies place their video on their website / blogs / social media platforms as well.


  1. Post Conference Report
  • Compile a comprehensive report after the conference to include statistics of:
  • Pre-conference advertising exposure
  • Mailers distributed prior to the conference
  • Social media statistics
  • Media partnerships reports, including:
  • Exposure gained
  • ROI offered
  • On-site media activities – comprehensive report of:
  • Media who attended
  • Press releases generated on site
  • Interviews
  • TV coverage
  • Actual editorial coverage in printed media and electronic media
  • □ On site social media strategy – feedback



All enquiries and proposals are to be submitted electronically to: Jaco Seaman, Events Manager, WISA –



Charlene Tlhabane, Scatterlings Conference and Events –

Deadline for submission of proposal: Monday 19 February 2024, no later than 12 mid-day.


Proposal to include:

  • Quote
  • Company profile document
  • Listing of all-inclusive services offered
  • Letter of Financial Good Standing from Bank
  • 3 x Contactable references
  • BEE Certificate
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Please note that WISA reserves the right to advise, at our discretion, all parties issued with the invitation, of further information/clarification of requirements resulting from any query.


To view the full proposal, click here: WISA 2024 – Call for proposals for Media Consultant