Call For Proposals – Water Institute of Southern Africa Biennial Conference 2024 Gala Dinner Decor Service Provider

by | Apr 19, 2024 | General

Invitation for proposals for the appointment of a Gala Dinner Decor Service Provider (SP) for the WISA 2024 Hybrid Conference & Exhibition to be hosted at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli ICC Complex (Durban ICC) from 12 – 14 June 2024.


The Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) is pleased to invite your organisation to submit proposals for the appointment in respect of the above Conference. The following information is provided to assist you with the preparation of a detailed proposal and quotation for the Organising Committee (OC) to consider.



Closing date/time for submission: COB, Thursday 25 April 2024

WISA will unfortunately not accept any late submissions.



Electronic submissions must be sent to , with the Subject line “WISA2024 DECOR proposal – [Company Name]”. Written confirmation of receipt will be communicated via return email.



Requests for further information or clarification of requirements may be directed to:

Jaco Seaman

WISA Events & Participation Structure Manager


Landline: 011 805 3537


Please note that WISA reserves the right to advise, at our discretion, all parties issued with the invitation, of further information/clarification of requirements resulting from any query.



WISA 2024 Hybrid Conference & Exhibition.



WISA seek the services of an extremely professional, highly competent, well-managed, compliant company to assist us in ensuring high quality & aesthetically pleasing gala dinner during the upcoming WISA 2024 Biennial Conference & Exhibition.

The WISA Conference is held every 2nd year. WISA aims to attract between 400 and 600 physical and 200 to 400 virtual delegates with a trade exhibition. The majority of these delegates are locally based with some international participants. It is envisaged that the conference will attract a wide spectrum of people from various specialities and allied disciplines to attend. The conference program is complemented by a social programme and gala dinner.

The Conference Gala Dinner is known in the sector as being a glamorous side event of the conference and is attended by Dignitaries, high level VIP’s, board members and VIP stakeholder representatives.



Successful SP will be required to sign a formal Service Level Agreement (SLA), based on the service area, or combination of service areas, awarded to them. As part of the SLA Payment terms WISA will pay a maximum of 50% of the agreed fees prior to the event in agreed instalments based on the event’s ringfenced income, and the remainder of fees post event.


SP should demonstrate their ability through providing the following:

  • Ability: SP are required to demonstrate their ability to provide the required services as detailed in the ‘Services areas to be Provided’, outlined below.
  • Financial Viability: SP are required to demonstrate their financial credibility and provide an Original Tax Clearance Certificate and a letter of Financial Good Standing from their Bank.
  • Proven Track Record: SP are required to demonstrate their experience by providing information on meetings/conferences/events they have been involved with, especially conferences of a similar size and complexity. Please also indicate if you have been involved in any conferences for WISA before.
  • References: SP are required to submit at least three references who will be contacted by representatives of the OC. Details required are name, contact information, event with which they were/are associated, and position in relation to the organising of that event. Additional letters of reference may also be attached.
  • Staffing: SP are required to give an overview of their infrastructure including staffing, experience, and accreditation with particular emphasis on the Durban operation and the project manager who will be working with the OC & PCO
  • Fees and Cost Structure: SP are required to clearly set down fees to be charged for services and provide sufficient detail as to allow the distinction between:
  • Commission and percentage-based fees
  • Fixed price fees
  • Hourly rates
  • Sub-contracted services
  • Secondary income fees declaration (e.g. fees generated from references to other suppliers)


Service areas to be Provided

**Information provided for the purpose of obtaining comparable proposals. It is likely that finer details will change in accordance with operational needs. Change to service requirements will be made after consultation and agreement with SP.

Venue:                                 Hall 3ABC, Durban ICC

Date:                                    13 June 2024



Function:                            Thursday, 13 June 2024: 18h30-23:59

Set up Time:                      Thursday, 13 June 2024: 13h35-17h00


Format:                               70 ( >10<) Round Table Seating 10 guests each

Breakdown:                       Immediately at the close of the function, as the venue needs to be used for conference the following day.


Conference Logo & website for reference:


The SP should provide creative concepts for the look and feel of décor elements.

Please include at least 2 mock-up picture sets/mood boards of proposed concepts.


  • Avoid “Water Drop”, “Splash” or “Streamer Waterfalls” concepts.
  • Avoid “plastic looking” décor element.
  • All items used should be responsibly sourced and disposed of/recycled accordingly.
  • Absolutely NO live displays e.g. goldfish
  • Plants/flowers proposed should be indigenes to South Africa
  • Plants/flowers proposed should be “water wise” and preferably reusable.
  • Include the fees for a fire marshal and necessary equipment if your concept includes burning candles. Necessary authorisation needs to be obtained from the Health & Safety manager for the event.


Minimum Requirements / Brief

70 x Tablecloths

Table Numbers

700 x Chair Covers/chairs (suitable to tie in with the décor)

70 x Centre-pieces and candles

700 x Baseplates and suitable napkins to tie in with décor

2 x Large Stage Arrangements -These need to be placed either side of the stage

12 x suitable high cocktail tables for welcome drinks area

1 x Large Entrance Arrangement

6 x Tablecloths for the awards prize table

Suggestions on red carpets, stanchions and further décor elements may be proposed.



WISA is an NPO. Costs will be a deciding factor


General & Operational notes

  • Hall 3 A & C, including staging & technical equipment, will be used as a parallel conference stream venue up to 13:35 on the day of the gala dinner.
  • Turnaround time is from 13:35 and setup needs to be completed by 17:30 to accommodate possible security checks, a dry run and sound check.
  • Due to the limited turnaround time, SP should plan accordingly e.g. staffing, vehicles, trolly’s ext.
  • WISA will endeavor to assist with the arrangement of a suitable venue to be used as an operational prep space, but this cannot be guaranteed. WISA assumes that potential SPs are familiar with the venue and provided suitable services under similar circumstances and timeframes.