Scope of Interest

This division aims to provide a communication forum for engineers, scientists and practitioners interested in:

Sludge and residuals management:
This includes the management of organic and inorganic residues emanating from the treatment of water or other industrial processes, including sludge or slurries emanating from the treatment of potable water, domestic wastewater and industrial effluents as well as processes generating concentrates and brines. These include both organic and inorganic residues.

Anaerobic treatment of high strength effluents:
This includes the anaerobic treatment of high COD/BOD effluents. The division plays a supporting role to all WISA divisions but in particular, the Mine Water Division of WISA in terms of the anaerobic treatment of Acid Mine Drainage water and related effluents.

Anaerobic digestion:
The division strongly supports the anaerobic digestion of municipal sewage sludge to generate a stable product that can be used beneficially. The division aims to improve the skills of operators and practitioners in the effective operation of anaerobic digesters through the dissemination of information and training.

Beneficial use of bio solids and residuals:
The division supports the sustainable recycling of stabilised sewage sludge (bio solids) and other residuals.


The Anaerobic and Sludge Processes division provides a communication forum for researchers, engineers and practitioners working in these fields. It provides awareness and knowledge of anaerobic and sludge processes in the municipal and industrial sectors and encourages technology transfer. It strives to disseminate information from existing plants and processes; identify research needs; and encourage and acknowledge research.

Division Lead: Mlu Mnguni
Email: for more information.