Technology innovation includes an array of approaches: the development and deployment of new technologies; new applications of existing technology; production changes; and organisational, management and cultural changes that can improve the condition and sustainability of our nation`s water resources (EPA, 2014). By bringing together the interests and needs of various stakeholders (academic, government, civil society and business) on one platform, the Innovation for Water and Sanitation (IWS) division aims to streamline and fast track water technology innovation for social and economic benefits.

Through seminars, symposia, training programmes, demonstrations, business pitches and other initiatives the Division will advance the understanding of numerous issues related to innovations in water and sanitation; accelerate market adoption of new and emerging researched products, services and processes; and bridge the gap between technology end-users and innovators.

The main objectives of the division will be to:

  • Explore critical issues relating to the acceleration and sustainability of water sector innovation;
  • Increase the understanding and awareness of water innovation needs and barriers;
  • Catalyse water industry collaborations;
  • Share best practice and experience;
  • Advance water entrepreneurship; and
  • Promote local and regional collaboration to drive innovative approaches to the water challenges facing society.

Division Lead: Wendy Mey
Email: ps.admin@wisa.org.za for more information.