The Process Controller Division of the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) realises that Water and wastewater are critical and scarce specialised fields within the Water Sector that requires highly skilled and well-trained process controllers. It is evident that there is a huge shortage of process controllers and the division dedicates its work towards correcting this. The vision of the division is to create a fundamental platform for process controllers in terms of sector identification, which will significantly impact them by capacitating them to manage their working environment within the water cycle to deliver high-quality potable water, wastewater effluent, treated effluent and industrial water treatment as per the Department of Water and Sanitation’s stringent Blue, Green and No Drop Certification Programme and associated legislation.

Currently most of the process controllers registered as members of the WISA Process Controller Division are from the municipal or governmental sectors with the numbers from the private sector growing. Process controllers managing the industrial water treatment processes are most welcome to become members of the division as they form and integral part of the water cycle.

Division Lead: Mlungisi Hoco
Email: for more information.