Water Governance Training Course, Durban


The Water Governance Training Course will be taking place in Durban from 23-25 July 2023. Information on this course can be viewed through the course brochure: https://cbss.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/2022-CBSS-Water-Governance-Training-Course-Brochure.pdf For more information […]


Masterclass: Introduction to Water & Wastewater Treatment


A 1-day masterclass aimed at professionals who need an introduction into the fascinating world of water and wastewater treatment. Course Overview Sustainable access to a safe source of water is […]

The Fundamentals of Modern Leadership

The Fundamentals of Modern Leadership 2 CPD Points – WISA/ ECSA/ SACNASP This workshop is about helping leaders to reinvent themselves. We need effective, passionate leadership like never before. Introduction: […]

Masterclass: Anaerobic Digestion (Wastewater)

Although anaerobic digestion is well established and widely applied as a wastewater treatment technology in South Africa, many municipal plant personnel lack the skill and understanding to operate the system […]

Water Governance Training Course – Pretoria

Pretoria , South Africa

WATER GOVERNANCE TRAINING COURSE – PRETORIA The Water Governance Training Course will be taking place in Pretoria, Gauteng from 17 -19 September 2024. Water Governance refers to the political, social, […]


Masterclass: Filtration & Disinfection (Water Treatment)

Many of the Process Controllers who are involved with the provision of potable water are quite proficient in their understanding of the processes being applied during treatment, but need some […]

Wastewater Risk Abatement Plan (Half Day over 2 days)

Regulation of public utilities and in particular of water and wastewater services carries huge economic and social importance as they are essential to the development and cohesion of society. In […]