WISA subscribes to a multi-disciplinary approach for its sector. Members are from various backgrounds and disciplines. The various categories of membership cater for the needs of all professionals involved in the water sector. The Institute offers both individual and non-individual membership.

Member Categories

Individual Membership Categories

  • Professional Process Controllers (Professional Designation)
  • Members (including Fellows and Senior Fellows)
  • Affiliates
  • Associate Members
  • Academic Members
  • Student Members

Corporate Membership Categories

  • Patron Members
  • Company Members
  • Educational Institutions
  • Municipality Members
  • Professional Members Associations

Member Category

Professional Registration

The Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) became recognised as a professional body by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) in 2013. The first professional designation registered with SAQA is that of Professional Process Controller – Pr. PC Water. This process culminated with the first 2 Professional Process Controllers being registered by WISA in 2014. This registration is now open to all process controllers who meet the required criteria. This ensures high standards are met as well as legislation adhered to. In conjunction, WISA has also set a Process Controller Division to assist with the dissemination of knowledge and offer services to Pr. PC Water.

Member Category

Individual Membership

Individual Members in good standing will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. You receive a WISA membership certificate at registration.
  2. You enjoy the prestige of belonging to a professional organization.
  3. Your name appears in the annual WISA member directory, if you so wish. Excluding Affiliate and Student Members.
  4. You have voting rights at the WISA AGM and WISA elections for Board members. Excluding Associate Members, Affiliate Members and Student Members.

Member Category

Corporate Membership

There are various different categories which fall under Non-Individual Membership.

Please download the list of benefits for the various categories below:

Municipality Members Benefits
Educational Institutions Benefits
Company Member Benefits

Member Category

Patron Membership

Patron membership is the most prestigious form of membership offered by WISA and is renewable annually at the discretion of the Institute. Because of the eminence of its position in the water sector, WISA is extremely circumspect in the selection of Patron Members which it has limited in number so as not to dilute the status and prominence of being a Patron Member of WISA. Typically organisations are only accepted to become Patron Members upon application, should there exist an opportunity for them to contribute towards the mission or the activities of WISA. The most significant benefit will be the public awareness of your association with the only Water Sector representative body in Southern Africa.

WISA Members Code of Conduct and Member’s Disciplinary Policy

WISA would like to inform its members of the new Code of Conduct and Member’s Disciplinary Policy that has been approved. These policies will be implemented with immediate effect, and all members of WISA are to adhere to these policies. The purpose of the WISA Code of Conduct is to raise and maintain the level of professionalism and the quality of service rendered to the public in order to enhance the credibility of professional and non-professional members alike. The WISA Code of Conduct and the Members Disciplinary Policy can be accessed on the links provided, please familiarise yourself with these documents. If you have not updated your personal details on the member portal, please follow this link https://wisamembers.co.za/ in order to do so.

Should you have any queries regarding these two documents or to obtain your login details for the member portal please contact our Membership Manager on membership@wisa.org.za