Patron membership benefits

Patron membership is the most prestigious form of membership offered by WISA and is renewable annually at the discretion of the Institute. Because of the eminence of its position in the water sector, WISA is extremely circumspect in the selection of Patron Members which it has limited in number so as not to dilute the status and prominence of being a Patron Member of WISA. Typically organisations are only accepted to become Patron Members upon application, should there exist an opportunity for them to contribute towards the mission or the activities of WISA. The most significant benefit will be the public awareness of your association with the only Water Sector representative body in Southern Africa.

The list of benefits are attached below

Patron membership fee

The Patron Membership fee for 2020 is R 60,368.37.

Should your company be interested in becoming a Patron
Member of WISA please kindly contact the Membership Supervisor on