Amatola Water

16 March 2017 by Charles Coleman

Amatola Water, a state-owned, non-profit making business enterprise accountable to the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, was created jointly by national, provincial and local community stakeholders to serve as a multi- service, bulk water services provider. Its core aim is to assist Local Government in the effective development and sustainable operation and maintenance of safe, reliable water supply and waste water services. Amatola Water is committed to improving the quality of people´s lives and recognizes the challenges facing national, provincial and local government in the water sector. The eradication of water and sanitation backlogs is central to the supportive role that Amatola Water plays in this regard.

With its headquarters in East London in the Eastern Cape Province, Amatola Water operates eleven plants and seven sub-regional, bulk distribution networks in a designated services area of 45 794 km² covering most of the Amatola and part of the Chris Hani District Municipalities. It offers comprehensive contract services to municipalities for water abstraction, treatment, bulk supply and water quality monitoring for domestic, industrial and agricultural use.

In response to market demands and opportunities Amatola Water has developed its supplementary servicing capability. Service agreements are devised for the operation and maintenance of customer-owned water treatment and plant and reticulation installations. Amatola Water supports these services with complementary managerial, technical, laboratory and related specialist advisory services tailored to the needs of major industry and other institutional customers.

Amatola Water focuses on service and quality in bringing water to life.

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