Bloem Water

17 Mar 2017 by Charles Coleman

Our Vision
Assuring sustainable provision of quality water services, for life!

Our Mission
By creating a leading, value-driven, effective and responsive Institution using adaptive best practice methods in anticipating
tomorrow’s problems today.

Our Values
Bloem Water commits itself to the following values that guide and direct all interactions with internal and external stakeholders:

• The values of transparency, co-operation and fairness in all aspects of the rendering of quality services.
• Active participation with stakeholders towards building communities in that spirit.
• Adhering to the principles of a non-racial, non-sexist democratic South Africa.
• Being environmentally conscious by evaluating the effect of its operations on the environment.
• Adhering to a comprehensive and detailed social responsibility policy and practice in partnership with key stakeholders.
• Adhering to the principles of sound Corporate Governance in accordance to the King Code, Companies Act and other relevant legislation.

The planning and implementation of new infrastructure projects is crucial to meet the current and future water demands as projected in various studies undertaken by Bloem Water and the Department of Water Affairs’ Greater Bloemfontein Reconciliation Studies “(Refer to Operations and Maintenance Section for details). Bloem Water also serves as Implementing Agent (IA) for the Department of Water Affairs’ (DWA) projects in the Free State. The programmes that are currently implemented include the Regional Bulk Infrastructure Grant (RBIG), the Accelerated Community Infrastructure Programme (ACIP) and the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MWIG).

The Bloem Water Capital Expenditure budget for the 2012/13 financial year was R189 million. These projects are also reported to the Presidential Infrastructure Commission Committee (PICC) quarterly. The projects implemented for the year in review range from bulk water pipelines, reservoirs, buildings to rehabilitation of sludge lagoons. The budget split for the Extension and Refurbishment projects are indicated in the graph. Refurbishment Projects relates to renovations, upgrades and/or repairs to existing assets. The work is undertaken to ensure that the existing capacity is maintained in terms of output requirements. Extension Projects relates to work undertaken to increase the capacity of the existing assets.

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