City of Tshwane

23 July 2019 by Khutso K

The City of Tshwane Water and Sanitation Department is responsible for the bulk water supply, sanitation services and the infrastructure planning and development in the city. The department consists mainly of two divisions, as well as the Management and Administration Support Section reporting to the Strategic Executive Director (SED).
The two main divisions are:

Bulk Water and Waste Water Services Division

The Bulk Water and Waste Water Services Division is responsible for the provision of bulk water to the city through various water treatment plants and reservoirs in the city. The division is also responsible for the waste water treatment plants which ensure that raw sewage is treated before the water is released back into the rivers. Furthermore, the division is also responsible for ensuring that the water quality is in line with the national Department of Water standards by ensuring that water and sewer tests are carried out regularly. Furthermore, the division ensures that regular maintenance is carried out on all the plants and bulk pipelines. The following are the key performance areas of the division:

  • Bulk water supply: Reservoirs, bulk pipelines, bulk water supply from Rand Water/Magalies, City owned water resources, water treatment plants, blue drop
  • Waste water treatment: Maintenance of waste water treatment plants, raw/sewage water   treatment, maintaining green drop
  • Scientific services and pollution control: Daily sampling of water and sewage​

Planning and Development Division

The Planning and Development Division is responsible for the infrastructure planning and capital projects (development) in the department. The division has to ensure that infrastructure planning is done in conjunction with city planning and that the department aligns its projects with the development growth in the city. This division has to ensure that the water master plan is in place as required in terms of the Water Act. The division also monitors the water demand and ensures that the community conserves water. Furthermore the division is responsible for system development, that is, ensuring that all private developments are scrutinized to ensure that there is capacity to supply such developments with water before those developments are started. The following are the key performance areas of the division:

  • Infrastructure planning, master plans asset register
  • System development: Application for connections, development application
  • Infrastructure provision: Design and execution of capital project
  • Water demand and conservation: Consumer education, credit control, metering/connections,

To be the leading provider of affordable water and sanitation services in South Africa

To provide and supply water and sanitation services in Tshwane

Strategic objectives
The strategic intent of the department is driven by strategic objective 1 (provide sustainable services infrastructure and human settlement) and outcome 3 (quality infrastructure development that supports liveable communities) of Vision 2055.

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