17 March 2017 by Charles Coleman

ERWAT is a truly indigenous South African wastewater company. It was established in 1992 as a Section 21 company. Its shareholders are the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (majority shareholder), Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality and Lesedi Local Municipality.

ERWAT provides bulk wastewater conveyance and a highly technical and proficient wastewater treatment service to some 2 000 industries and more than 3,5 million people who have access to sanitation services. It is currently custodian of 19 wastewater care works, treating a combined capacity of some 696 megaliters of wastewater per day. The majority of the operations are in the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council (Eastern Gauteng).

Innovative in nature with extensive expertise and experience in a variety of proven processes, ERWAT offers advanced technologies, developed to meet the ever-growing demand for improved quality in the industry.

The strategic focus of the company is aimed at providing the right sized works in the best geographical location at the most economical cost, incorporating the finest and most appropriate available technology.

The company is rich in expertise and has been instrumental in developing methods to reduce costs whilst at the same time rendering excellent quality of effluent. With the increasing cost of managing wastewater, ERWAT`s leading edge technology coupled with its economy of scale credo presents a cost-effective, environmentally sound water care solution. ERWAT continuously strives to improve the utilization of the existing infrastructure and makes optimum use of all its resources.

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