Umgeni Water

3 Jan 2018 by WISA

Umgeni Water is a public entity established in 1974 to provide water services – water supply and sanitation services – to other water services institutions in its service area. The organisation operates in accordance with the Water Services Act (Act 108 of 1997) and the Public Finance Management Act (Act 1 of 1999), amongst others, and is categorised as a National Government Business Enterprise.  Umgeni Water reports directly to the Department of Water and Sanitation through the Chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive. The Executive Authority of the water board is the Minster of Water and Sanitation.



Leading water utility that enhances value in the provision of bulk water and sanitation services
We strive to be an effectively run, public-oriented and socially accountable water utility, which has its heart and mind, focused on the provision of bulk water services.  We will achieve leadership based on our performance and the sustainable value we co-create with our customers and stakeholders and continue to leave a positive legacy in our communities, region and country.



Provide innovative, sustainable, effective and affordable bulk water and sanitation services
Our business is the provision of bulk water services– both potable and wastewater-to support government services delivery to the people of South Africa and providing water for life. This includes providing all bulk water services to our customers, facilitating integrated planning in the region, supporting municipalities and contributing to water knowledge that will head to sustainability from source-tap-source.


Strategic intent

Key Partner that enables government to deliver effective and efficient bulk water and sanitation services
Umgeni Water intends to be recognised as a strategic and sustainable partner of government, co-creating value through providing bulk water and sanitation services as a catalyst for local economic development and government’s developmental agenda.


Benevolent Intent

Provide bulk water and sanitation services to improve quality of life and enhance sustainable economic development

Umgeni Water intends to be recognised as an organisation that has legitimate leadership and cultivates accountability.  Through this people-centred approach Umgeni Water will achieve water services delivery.  Bulk water services will be provided for both health and economic benefits, which contribute to addressing poverty, under-development and inequality.

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