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Please contact the WISA Head Office should you have any problems completing and submitting the online application form or questions regarding the process, contact or call on 086 111 9472.

Individual Membership Benefits

Individual Membership Fees 2022

All Retired Members: R 260.50
Academic Member: R 534.37
Affiliate Members: R 247.14
Associate Members R 801.57
Member: R 935.16
Fellows: R 935.16
Professional Process Controller: for more information please visit the Professional Registrations page.
Senior Fellows: R 935.16
Students: Free Membership to Full-time students only (Proof required: Letter from Tertiary institutions stating applicant is registered as a full time student)

Additional Fees:

Membership Re-instatement Fee: R 200.00
Administration Fee: R 200.00
Replacement Membership Certificate: R 100.00
All rates are inclusive of VAT

WISA has enabled each member to be able to login to the database and update their details, this will ensure that you are always kept up to date with the latest information as you can easily update your postal address, contact numbers and email address. We have also enabled our members to make use of the WISA website and network to list themselves as job seekers.

Individual Membership

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