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Non-Individual Membership Benefits

There are various different categories which fall under Non-Individual Membership.

Please download the list of benefits for the various categories below:

Municipality Members Benefits
Educational Institutions Benefits
Company Member Benefits

Non-Individual Membership Fees 2022

  • Company Member Fee is R 2,058.79
  • Municipality Member Fee is R 7,704.73
  • Educational Institution Member Fee is R 7,704.73

Additional Fees:

  • Once Off Administration Fee R200.00
  • Membership Re-instatement Fee R200.00
  • Replacement Membership Certificate R100.00

All rates are inclusive of VAT.

Application for Membership

Application Form for Non-Individual Members

Kindly note that applications will only be processed once the membership administration fee has been received. Your membership will only be finalised and issued when the membership fee has been paid.

Corporate Membership

Administration Fee
Application Fee