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Please contact the WISA Head Office should you have any problems completing and submitting the online application form or questions regarding the process, contact or call on 086 111 9472.

Process Controllers

The Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) became recognised as a professional body by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) in 2013. The first professional designation registered with SAQA is that of Professional Process Controller – Pr. PC Water. This process culminated with the first 2 Professional Process Controllers being registered by WISA in 2014. This registration is now open to all process controllers who meet the required criteria. This ensures high standards are met as well as legislation adhered to. In conjunction, WISA has also set a Process Controller Division to assist with the dissemination of knowledge and offer services to Pr. PC Water. Please find below the code of conduct for Professional Process Controllers.

Code of Conduct – Professional Process Controller

Process of Professional Registration

WISA may award the designation of Professional Process Controller to any person that:

  1. Has a minimum academic qualification of NQF 6 with a qualification within an appropriate discipline;
  2. Has a minimum academic qualification of NQF 6 with a qualification within an appropriate discipline;
  3. Has shown competence with regard to the following occupational tasks;
  • Operating and controlling chemical, biological and physical systems and associated plant for compliance with quality standards;
  • Monitoring and testing for physical, chemical and biological properties;
  • Performing all required administrative and procedural functions;
  • Inspecting equipment, processes and operating conditions;
  • Exposure to Process design and process optimization;
  • Exposure to research and the implementation of scientific projects which promote the science of water and wastewater treatment processes;
  • Risk Management associated with Water Services Works; and
  • Management.

The costs associated for professional registration is R 1,313.75 for 2020, with a once off R200 administrative fee.

Please find below the Awarding and Retention criteria as well as the downloadable Referee reports which should be submitted to Anita Pillay on after completing and submitting the online application form.

Professional Process Controller Awarding Criteria

Benefits of being a Professional Process Controller

Process Controller benefits are attached below:

Professional Process Controller Member Benefits

Process Controller Division

The Process Controller Division creates a fundamental platform for Process Controllers in terms of sector identification, and will allow process controllers to be capacitated in conducting their work to the required standards. For more information regarding the Process Controller Division please visit the divisions page or contact the Participation Structures Manager –

Please feel free to contact Anita Pillay on 086 111 9472(WISA) or should you have any queries regarding professional registration.